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We take pride in nearly 120 years of regional and national award-winning projects. Each client’s vision gives us the opportunity to deliver solutions that inspire the users of our facilities and also allow our designs to endure.

From day one they were involved in every aspect of the planning process. Whether it was leading our Long Range Planning Committee or creating designs for facilities, Hummel demonstrated a level of commitment rarely seen.

- Brady Dickinson 
Twin Falls School District Director or Operations


For more than 100 years Hummel has created environments, touching the lives of countless and continues to be driven by a standard of excellence, as set up by our founders.
Our people are designers and planners, thinkers and doers. With a firm of just over 30 architects and interior designers, ideas are fostered every day, either in studio or during impromptu collaborative sessions.
At Hummel, we are passionate about the pursuit of excellent buildings that work. We are at the forefront of providing guidance in sustainable opportunities, embracing thoughtful, responsible, and functional design.
Problem solving is at the core of what we do. Whether it’s a university, hospital, or commercial building – each building requires thought, planning, and considerable interaction with our clients.

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