For more than 126 years Hummel has created environments, touching the lives of countless and continues to be driven by a standard of excellence, as set up by our founders.


We Design the Future

About Us
Our people are designers and planners, thinkers and doers. With a firm of 30 architects and interior designers, ideas are fostered every day, either in studio or during impromptu collaborative sessions.

Our Approach
We are passionate about the pursuit of excellent buildings that work. We are at the forefront of providing guidance in sustainable opportunities, embracing thoughtful, responsible, and functional design.

Our Work
Problem solving is at the core of what we do. Whether it’s a university, hospital, or commercial building – each building requires thought, planning, and considerable interaction with our clients.

Our Legacy
Our lineage includes the Idaho State Capitol Building and our work has since continued to dot nearly every northwestern state and Idaho community.


Market Sectors

Our work is developed in a collaborative atmosphere, which cultivates research, analysis and astute decision-making at all levels. We explore client goals, examine their needs and work to create and deliver environments that inspire its occupants.


As specialists in healthcare design, our team’s focus is to help clients create hospital and clinic environments of excellence for their patients and staff. Hummel’s portfolio of expertise includes projects as large scale as entire health care campuses and as detailed and small as exam and treatment rooms.

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Higher Education

Our higher education experience covers all aspects of campus life. From campus master plans to state-of-the-art academic research centers, to dormitories, and classroom remodels, we work with public institutions to realize their architectural goals. 

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Every school district has its own goals and strategies of how to teach their children. Through listening and communication, it is our responsibility to assimilate those objectives so we can create schools to facilitate the educational process.

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Hummel designs commercial spaces to fulfill the specific needs of the clients. From retail spaces, offices, research facilities, and restaurants, our team programs the space to promote employee and customer engagement.  

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With a 126-year history of public sector work, Hummel has demonstrated the ability to conceive designs that are aligned with our clients’ missions, budgets, schedules, and operational objectives.

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Residential/Mixed Use

Our legacy of residential work can be found throughout Idaho and the Pacific Northwest in single- and multiple-family homes, multi-unit buildings, renovations, and remodels. 

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Interior Design

Our team of interior designers provide their expertise throughout each phase of the design process. Every space is planned to achieve its ultimate function—from initial space planning to finish selection to furniture placement.

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Architectural Visualizations

Hummel’s talented team of visualization experts work closely with architects and designers to create visualizations and illustrations of the completed project.

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Adaptive Reuse/Historic Preservation

Each Adaptive Reuse project tells a story about our clients and the community. Our firm continues to emerge as experts at “thinking inside the box” in order to repurpose and redesign existing structures.

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Our Work

We take pride in more than 126 years of regional and national award-winning projects. Each client’s vision gives us the opportunity to deliver solutions that inspire the users of our facilities and also allow our designs to endure.


Let's Create Something Important Together