Boise State University Bleymaier Football Center

In association with Populus

The team of Hummel and Populous was tasked to complete the master plan for a football training facility and expansion options at Bronco Stadium for Boise State University. It is located in the endzone of Bronco Stadium featuring nearly 70,000 SF of program including the team locker room, player lounge, weight room, athletic training, coaches offices, meeting rooms, and a recruiting lounge with views into the stadium. The design team planned for future stadium expansion over the training facility building including sizing columns within the footprint to handle the anticipated phase-two project. The design created a front door to athletics which responds to key locations on campus and along the adjacent river.


Boise State University


Architectural Services


Boise, Idaho



Hummel | Populous worked closely with the University Architect to develop an exterior appropriate for the Boise State campus, making certain the architecture was integrated throughout. Efficient layouts maximized the assignable square footage and early furniture and equipment expertise assisted with appropriate budgeting and room sizes. Populous worked closely with Boise State’s internal sign company to design signage and environmental graphics utilizing their capabilities.

The university’s brand, identity and traditions are central to the design approach. Throughout the project, we assisted the client with prioritizing their program to keep in alignment with their budget, while meeting the project expectations. The design team developed strong working relationships with multiple entities including the State of Idaho Department of Public Works, the University Design and Construction Department and the Athletics Department.

The facility opened in July 2013 at the project cost of $22M. The design goals for the facility included providing interaction for coaches and players, capturing views into the stadium, designing a facility that would support recruiting, and delivering the project on time and within budget.


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