Market Sector


As specialists in healthcare design, our team’s focus is to help clients create hospital and clinic environments of excellence for their patients and staff. Hummel’s portfolio of expertise includes projects as large in scale as entire health care campuses and as detailed and small as exam and treatment rooms. With every client—every project, we strive to do great work for great people by creating designs that can improve everyday lives.

Areas of Expertise

  • Waiting Rooms, Reception + Lobbies
  • Procedure, Treatment + Exam Rooms
  • Surgery Rooms, Lab Work Areas + Imaging Modalities
  • Patient Rooms, Labor & Delivery + Pre-post Patient Bays
  • Admitting Reception, Nurse Stations + Staff Work Areas
  • Staff Lounge, Conference + Meeting Rooms
  • Lounge, Cafeteria + Conference Education
  • Pediatric Spaces
  • Rehab Treatment Spaces
  • Healthcare Campus + Master Planning

“Hummel Architects has performed with utmost professionalism, commitment, and follow through to St. Luke’s. Without Reservation, I can say that I have greatly enjoyed working with Hummel Architects. I highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking architectural services.“

Stephen Sell, Director of Planning, Design and Construction,
St. Luke’s Health System


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