Moscow Grain Elevators

As part of a Conceptual Master Plan for the Moscow Grain Elevators, Hummel conceptualized a pub and cellar space in the base of a 100-year-old 115’ tall grain elevator located in Moscow Idaho. The adaptive reuse concept focused on elevating the historical aspects of the space by preserving and repurposing elements throughout the space while modernizing it through the addition of large storefront glazing and overhead doors at the Pub which allows for natural light and a seamless connection to the exterior patio. Accent lighting is used to highlight the existing board form concrete columns that support the grain above and wood finishes are used to accentuate and contrast the concrete by bringing warmth into the monolithic interior.


Moscow Grain Elevators


Conceptual Planning


Moscow, Idaho


3,000 SF

The concept includes a Pub and Cellar within the more than 100-year-old former distribution center on the south of the property. The addition of a storefront between the heavy concrete structural columns brightens up the interior and allows a connection with ample exterior seating, food truck court, and exterior events space.

The 115’ tall freestanding cylindrical elevator has been reimagined as an indoor/outdoor rock climbing wall, creating a unique climbing experience as users could choose to ascend the 115’ tall structure from within, giving a cave-like experience, or along the exterior with stunning views across the Palouse.

As part of the plan, the seven 100’ tall cylindrical elevators have been wrapped with an abstracted perforated pattern derived from the surrounding rolling hills of the Palouse. A vaulted extrusion has been removed to allow for a large open interior space, to be used for events, gathering, or reflection.

On top of the site’s former office space, our concept aims to capture the stunning views of the Palouse with a dining room and restaurant, accessed by a new vertical circulation stack housed on the south of the structure.

The 100’ steel plate structure was conceptualized as a unique living opportunity, opening up on the south to reveal exterior elevated patios, capturing the southern sun.

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