Broad Street Properties

This project consists of two mixed-use high-rise structures, built on two separate parcels. The parcels are located on the north and south sides of Broad Street with common frontage to 5th Street. The two structures are ultimately linked by an elevated parking deck that spaces broad street 44’ above grade. 

The South Property contains a 9-story building with ground floor retail located along Broad Street. The remainder of the ground level is devoted to covered parking with access from 5th Street of the alley. Above the ground floor is 5 levels of parking, above level 6 of parking is 3 floors of office space. The North Property contains an 11-story building that starts at street level with 4 live/work residential units facing 5th Street. These units are two stories and their first-floor level is elevated above the sidewalk. The second story is devoted to the building’s residents, containing individual storage units, bike storage and residential amenities. The third floor is devoted to office space, 4th and 5th floors are dedicated parking decks that link to the South property by crossing over Broad Street. 

All residential living begins at level 6-11, each floor contains 4 residential units and level 6 offers a landscaped exterior plaza that spans above Broad Street and connects to the South side of the office tower.


Broad Street Properties


Conceptual Design


Boise, Idaho


N Building: 130,200 SF
S Building: 147,500 SF

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