St. Luke's 27th Street Development Parking Structure

Boise, Idaho

The 27th Street Development Parking Garage is a 170,050 SF, 5-tier, 530 stall garage located in Boise’s West End. Currently under construction, the garage will serve the new medical facility to the north of the site and includes a fully screened utility yard. The building occupies the south-east corner of the site and sits adjacent to the I-184 Connector. The location of the building was strategically placed to help buffer noise from the Connector to the inpatient rooms, while still allowing for a visual connection to the main entry to eastbound downtown traffic. Significant consideration and attention was paid to screening of parked cars, while still providing the visually open requirements of the client for security purposes.

A triangulated metal mesh screen along the south facade acts as a public art piece adding visual interest and activation along the Connector. The triangle shape allows East bound traffic to see a mountain composition referencing the foothills, while westbound traffic experiences a series of animated figures jumping and twirling across the facade as they drive past. The main stair tower of the parking garage aligns and reflects the language of the vertical lobby element on the main building, creating an axis between the parking garage and the main entrance via a partially covered walkway.