On the Boards

Idaho Falls, Idaho

A 21st Century education pushes a student’s understanding of how to use themselves and technology together to innovate, collaborate, communicate, and ideate. We design and evaluate each school for the students and technology of tomorrow.

Keeping these ideas in mind, while working with the Idaho Falls School District 91, we evaluated the 49 year old Skyline High School. The school could be improved functionally through easier means of wayfinding, updated technology, and an expansion of square footage to house the growing student population.

The new design focuses on taking the existing structure as a framework for the new school and completely rebuilding it. The new core of Skyline will be the COLLABORATION hub with a commons, cafeteria, and media center. The TEACHING wings will be entirely new with the exception of recently renovated science classrooms. An expanded MOVE program will include expanded gymnasium facilities and a new running track. EXPRESSION will sit adjacent to the move spaces complete with a new auditorium and art spaces.

Upon completion, Skyline High School will not look or feel the same; it will be a new high school with a 1500-student capacity and state of the art spaces throughout to foster growth of a 21st Century Student.