We Like To Move It!

We have moved our bodies 1,030 miles—1,033.16 miles to be exact. Our office has collectively taken enough steps to go from Boise, Idaho to Winnipeg, Canada, as the crow flies, but that’s still an awful long ways. On April 4, we divided into two teams and started the “Hummel Step Off,” where we record our steps Monday through Friday each week. The team with the least amount of steps, then donates to the American Heart Association.

Going on the third year now, we’re the Heart Walk Volunteer Sponsor for the American Heart Association, and we could not be happier to support this life-saving cause. Heart health is something that fills our passion bucket at Hummel. When we live in a city like Boise, just about any activity we choose is literally in our backyards.

And we love it.

Seeing these numbers our office has produced in 10 business days speaks volumes about who we are at Hummel. Yes, we’re architects, designers and business people all working at desks and computers—sitting throughout the bulk of our work day. But we find time to be active, competitive and have fun while still aspiring to be good people designing incredible spaces for the clients we respect. We also care deeply about our surroundings and employees who make up our communities.

Long story short, we’re proud. Proud to be taking part in something that’s not only helping a cause, but also encouraging us to do things that are better for our bodies. We’re biking to work, walking at lunch and going for evening runs. We’ve caught a glimpse of these numbers after just two weeks of recording our daily steps and we’re motivated and having fun all in the name of heart health.


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