Girl-Powered STEM 2015

“I want to give my brother a bathroom outside!” and “I need a place for my home movie theater,” were just a few outbursts from the 120-plus young girls who took part in the Girl-Powered STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Camp in early August. Four of our own Interior Designers and Architects-in-Training, along with other engineers and biology and health science professionals, were on hand to teach 9 to 13-year-old girls STEM career possibilities and opportunities.

At Hummel, we think “Girl Power” can use refreshing on a regular basis. Specifically, for our own Mandy Simons, as the mother of an 11-year-old daughter, she appreciates when her daughter is encouraged to strive for her dreams from other community members. “I also feel that the more children know about the opportunities available to them, the better they are equipped to face the future,” Simons said.   

A couple dozen young girls went through our architecture/interior design classes. They learned about the fundamentals of the industry, what type of schooling is necessary in order to earn a degree in either field, and, to the delight of each girl, they were able to put their knowledge to the test and design their very own floor plans for a dream house. Very few houses included laundry rooms and an astounding number included indoor pools.

Above everything else, the message delivered is that there are no boundaries and limits for how far women in the architecture and interior design industry can go. It’s important to encourage all young people, but especially young girls, to study their passion and to help them understand what schooling will be necessary in order to pursue their future dream job. The chance for professional females in STEM careers to show young girls that their dreams are attainable and that their achievements are respected and valued was the biggest reward for all involved. The fun everyone had designing dream houses was just icing on the cake.


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