Biking to Battle Car Emissions

Every year when May rolls around, the Ada County Highway District Commuteride and Valley Regional Transit team up to encourage members of the Treasure Valley to strap on their helmets, tighten up their tennis shoes or hop on the bus as means to get to and from work for May in Motion. After a few years away from the event, Hummel decided to hop back on the May in Motion train and make moves to battle car emissions in the City of Trees. To encourage participation, ACHD Commuteride and Valley Transit even establish a little friendly business-v-business competition and our office even established a few incentives to get people walking or biking to work.

As a business that primarily deals with clients outside the office, there were ample opportunities to carpool and as such teamed up to get from our office to other areas in Boise, Meridian and even Twin Falls, Idaho. And while we were able to log some carpool miles via meetings, majority of our point were accumulated by our north-end dwellers who pedaled and strut their way to work each day and back. As such, our active efforts earned us a Bronze-Level award, but we’re eyeing gold next year.


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