Hummel Interns Bid Us Farewell

As summer draws to a close, so too does our time with our summer interns at Hummel. Molly Pitman and Madelon Roser, have been an awesome addition to our office the last 12 weeks. As a part of our farewell, we wanted to pick their brains for future advice they would give to our next interns.

HUMMEL: Molly, can you tell us why you decided to chase down an internship this summer?

MOLLY (pictured left): After three years of school I thought it was time I got some real design experience so I decided to apply to Hummel because of their prominence in Boise. This summer has been an absolute blast. I’ve learned the process of picking finishes, then presenting them, getting feedback and then creating a solution.

HUMMEL: What would both of you tell a future Hummel Intern?

MOLLY: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to make mistakes. I wouldn’t have learned as much if I sat at my desk and didn’t speak up. The people were very kind, and want to make sure the interns are learning and getting a good experience.  It’s OK if you don’t know everything.  Be a sponge and gain some serious insight by asking good questions and, lastly, work hard. Show that you care and you want to make a difference in the office and in your industry.

MADELON (pictured right): At first I felt unqualified for this internship, as I am only a sophomore, but I approached Hummel employees and they welcomed me willingly and gladly. They were an absolute blessing and delight to work with this summer. So Id’ say “Don’t hesitate to reach out send in your resume and see what happens!”


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