In Honor of Charles Hummel

We all proudly stand here representing the architectural legacy of the Hummel family. Our most sincere thank you goes out to Charles for entrusting us with the honor of representing the Hummel name throughout Idaho and the Treasure Valley.

Because of you, we are.

“Charles was a brilliant mentor who educated me in architectural contracts, client relations and firm management. It was my great fortune to be his business partner for over fifteen years. Seemingly unapproachable at first due to his status in the profession, he was light hearted, clever, patient and possessed an encyclopedic mind for Hummel’s classic buildings and Treasure Valley history. His architectural legacy and that of his father and grandfather will always be the foundation upon which our firm solidly resides.”
-Scott Straubhar

“For me, Charles Hummel personified what it meant to be an Architect. He immersed himself in the depths of what architecture can do for an individual and a community. I loved his dedication, his patience and his delight in watching us grow. He was a great boss, mentor and partner. The opportunity to have worked with him, is my good fortune.”
-Greg Allen

“Charles was a great mentor, leader, Architect, and friend. Up until his last years, I always enjoyed Charles charismatic critiques, supportive and non-supportive, of the architecture within the Treasure Valley. He was a gentleman with a great heart and a brilliant mind. Hummel Architects will continue to grow on the foundations established by Charles and his grandfathers. His legend will not be forgotten.”
-Ed Daniels


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