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Originally established in Boise as Tourtellotte & Hummel in 1896, Hummel Architects specializes in educational, healthcare and government facility design in the northwest. For more than 126 years Hummel has created environments, touching the lives of countless and continues to be driven by a standard of excellence, as set up by our founders.

As responsible leaders with a focus on the future, our functional and high-performance buildings set the example for environmentally conscientious and technologically advanced construction. With every client—every project, we strive to do great work for great people by creating designs that can improve their everyday lives.

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The lineage of Hummel Architects began in 1896 when John Tourtellotte started the firm. Charles Hummel moved to Boise the previous year and was later named partner in 1910. Tourtellotte & Hummel’s work and influence quickly earned them the reputation of the “builders of Idaho.” In the last 126 years, the work of Hummel Architects and its predecessors can be found woven through downtown Boise, the Treasure Valley, in nearly every corner of the state of Idaho and throughout the northwest region.

Hummel’s firm name had continuously changed with the names of its partners, and in addition, acquired new firms along the way. However, in 1996 the firm’s name was permanently changed to Hummel Architects to reflect the Hummel Family, who had three generations begin and end their careers with this practice. To this day, as has always been the tradition and expectation at Hummel Architects, our firm continues to strive toward producing quality designs and documents by relying on collaboration, innovation and dedication to serving our clients.

Life at

Located in downtown Boise, Idaho, our new office is located on the third floor of the historic Empire Building. Designed as a collaborative design studio, the space is lit by large windows supplying lots of natural light, biophilic details, and casual spaces for working together. Employees can check out an office bicycle to ride to a nearby meeting or a lunchtime workout. The fully-stocked espresso machine is perfect for an afternoon pick me up.

Community outreach like Rake Up Boise, United Way Holiday Helpers, Festival of Trees, and United Way Basic Needs Pantry Project lets us roll up our sleeves and help benefit local community organizations.

Extracurricular activities like kickball, ski trips, brewery bike crawls, and happy hours allow us to celebrate our hard work and collaboration.


Our office is committed to delivering quality products to our clients, and we are also passionate about giving back to our community. As planners and designers, we care deeply about the well-being of our employees and our involvement within the community. Bettering the lives of those both in and out of our office walls assists in our efforts to make our community stronger. We work together, give together, and laugh together – and we feel like we’re pretty good at doing all three.


We take pride in our regional and national award-winning projects. Each client’s vision gives us the opportunity to deliver solutions that inspire the users of our facilities and also allow our designs to endure.


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